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ExtMap Touch

What is ExtMap Touch?

“ExtMap Touch” is a mobile geo web framework built for “Sencha Touch Developer Contest 2010”. ExtMap Touch is an enterprise application and shows/queries the GIS (Geographic Information System) layers on mobile devices. Its name comes from its brother “ExtMap Web”, which is also a geo web framework built on Ext JS for ArcGIS Server Mashup Challenge - 2009 (ESRI Developer Summit 2009) and it was the winner of challenge.

ExtMap Touch is currently working properly on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), but it will be working on every mobile device (like Android, BlackBerry, WebOS and Bada) in the future which have webkit-based browsers.

ExtMap Touch is built on Sencha Touch Mobile Web App Framework and Google Maps JavaScript API v3. ExtMap Touch is a fully client side web application built on HTML5 features with the help of Sencha Touch. It used the following components of Sencha Touch: buttons, forms, lists, icons, toolbars, maps, overlays, animations, touch events, geolocation and data (localstorage and ajax). It also uses the HTML5 new feature directly which is WebSQL to store layers and bookmarks on clients computer. Web Cache feature is also tested for offline work but there is a problem with ArcGIS Server Services so it is canceled for now.

ExtMap Touch shows the same layer types as its brother, ExtMap Web, which are ArcGIS Server Services (AGS), WMS, KML/GeoRSS and Static Tile Services. It has also support for Google Maps, Bing Maps and Open Street Maps based maps in addition to “Blank Map” for your own imagery. ExtMap Touch stores all the layers, bookmarks and current lat/lng/zoom/map type on users’ local storage and database to make an unique user experience that users can continue their work on previous location, zoom, map type and layers when they open the application.

ExtMap Touch also have different tools for base maps and layers which are as follows : My Location (get users location from device’s gps), Zoom In, Zoom Out, Identify (for AGS Layers), Add Bookmarks, Show Bookmarks, Show XYZ, Goto XY, Find Address and Reverse Geocoding. Users can swipe their fingers on bookmarks or layers to edit or delete them.

ExtMap Touch is an innovative geo web application based on Sencha Touch and HTML5 technologies to give user a feeling of native application which works on different platforms without any modifications.

ExtMap Touch is currently working on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices on mobile and it is also working on Chrome and Safari on desktop.

Video of ExtMap Touch :


- Sencha Touch 0.97
- Google Maps API v3
- ArcGISLink Library


ExtMap Touch Demo
Please use Chrome or Safari to see it on desktop.